Plum Orchard Apartments’ Living Guide #4: How to Optimize Your Storage Space


One of the essential skills you need to master apartment living is finding storage solutions for small spaces. By thinking outside the box, you can maximize your small space and keep all your stuff organized.

General Apartment-Friendly Tips

 Don’t Drill into Walls

Try using Command hooks or small nails instead. That will keep your walls intact so you can keep your security deposit when you move out. Luckily, there are plenty of storage and organization options that don’t require a drill.

Avoid Hanging Heavy Things

There’s nothing worse than ending up with a gaping hole in your wall after you try to hang a massive bookshelf. Choose lightweight organization tools to hang on your walls. When you shop for bulkier items like bookshelves, look for freestanding ones instead.

Turn Any Space, Crevice, or Corner into a Closet

You can never have too much closet space, even when you have walk-in closets. Create your own hidden storage space by hanging clothing racks or wall-mounted shelves in hidden corners. 

You can also nestle floating shelves into corners. Triangular shelves are perfect for this since they have a lower profile than traditional rectangular ones. Then just hang a curtain to conceal the shelves. Voila, an extra closet!

Minimize Entryway Clutter

Most apartments don’t have an atrium, and some don’t have a designated coat closet either. That means clutter can find its way into the living room or other areas of the apartment. Instead, give it a home. Hang hooks or small shelves by the door and put a small shoe rack nearby. Your coat, umbrella, keys, and mail can all be stored there instead of finding their way to your countertops – or worse, the floor.

Organization Ideas for Every Room in Your Apartment

Kitchen & Pantry

Label Storage Baskets for Food

When you have a small space, it’s easy for cabinets to get packed full and jumbled together. Instead of shoving everything into cabinets haphazardly, use labeled storage baskets to group items together. That way you can always find what you need.

Hang Pots and Pans

Cabinet space is prime real estate in a small kitchen. Hanging pots and pans makes better use of space while making it easier to find the pan you need.

Hang Utensils on a Pegboard

Spatulas, whisks, and other tools are easier to keep track of if you can see them. Instead of shoving them in a drawer, try hanging them on a pegboard on your backsplash. 

Replace the Junk Drawer with a Bulletin Board

Most homes have a junk drawer somewhere in the kitchen, but you want to make the most of those drawers in small spaces. Instead, hang a cork bulletin board on the wall. Hang knick-knacks and junk mail there instead. Save your drawers for your important stuff.

Add Extra Counter Space

Place a small wheeled cart next to your countertops. Keep items like your coffeemaker, dish rack, kettle, and toaster there instead. This adds storage space and lets you keep the countertops clear for food prep.


Maximize Over-the-Toilet Space

The wall space behind the toilet often goes unnoticed, which is a missed opportunity for storage. Hang a few floating shelves above the toilet to store extra toilet paper, personal items, or decorations. Make sure you hang them high and opt for shelves that are at least as wide as the toilet itself to make the most of the space.

Door Organizers

Low on cabinet space? Hang an organizer over the door to keep extra toothpaste, razors, and hand towels close by. Bonus points if the organizer is transparent or labeled so you can identify what’s inside each section.

Living Room

Hang Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to save your floor space while creating storage. They’re also excellent multitaskers since they can hold storage space or display your décor and keepsakes.

Buy Storage-Focused Furniture

You need furniture, so why not choose pieces that play double-duty? Look for coffee tables with drawers or lift-tops. Storage ottomans can stash extra blankets and pillows. They don’t take up more space than traditional furniture and will save you space and money since you won’t have to find room or shell out separate storage bins. And it’ll make your place look way nicer!


Stash Out-of-Season Clothes

Don’t let your out-of-season clothes take up valuable real estate if you’re working with a small closet. At the beginning of every new season, pack up seasonal clothing you won’t be able to wear for a while and tuck them away. Boxes or bins are the obvious way to handle this. But if you’re serious about saving space, consider investing in a vacuum-sealer.

Door Organizers

The bedroom is another perfect place for door organizers. Hang a vertical shoe rack or install some hooks to hang accessories, phone cords, and jewelry. 

Add Risers to Your Bed Frame

Your bed already takes up floor space. Why not lift it above the floor and stash things underneath it? It’s the perfect way to tuck away bins or out-of-season clothes.

Vertical Nightstand

Everyone needs to have things on hand by their bed. Instead of settling for a short nightstand that doesn’t hold much, or a wide nightstand that takes up a ton of floor space, look for a tall one with multiple shelves. Even a bookshelf or floating shelves can do the trick. That way, you can keep even more stuff conveniently near your bed without a haphazard pile on the floor or a clunky piece of furniture crowding the room.

Vertical Shoe Storage

Most people’s closet floors end up being monopolized by a jumble of shoes. But that’s valuable storage space you could use for boxes or bins. Instead, invest in vertical shoe storage. This will make it easier to keep track of all your shoes and keep that floor space clear.

Apartment living is all about finding clever ways to adapt to your environment and make the most of a small space. With a bit of experimentation, you can stay organized and make your apartment feel more spacious than ever! Do you have additional storage tips? Please feel free to share your ideas or images! 

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