5 Things to Do in Your Apartment Before You Go on Vacation


Summer and the vacation season are coming closer! Whether heading to a week on the beach or traveling internationally – before you start packing, take care of your apartment first, no matter where you are going.

To make sure you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about what’s going on at home, take care of these tasks before heading out.

Clean Your Place and Empty the Refrigerator and Freezer so That They Don’t Spoil While You’re Gone

The last thing you want to come home to is a messy apartment and a fridge full of spoiled food. So, before you go on vacation, do a thorough cleaning of your place. This way, you’ll come home to a clean apartment, and you won’t have to worry about the food in your fridge going bad.

Empty the refrigerator and freezer before you go. If possible, unplug them altogether. This will help save energy and prevent accidents (like a power outage causing your food to thaw and spoil).

If you can’t unplug your fridge, make sure to empty it. You can either eat all the food before you go or give it away to friends or neighbors.

Unplug All Electronics, Including the TV, Computer, and Lamps

You don’t want to come home to a dead battery in your laptop or a melted TV. Before going on vacation, unplug all electronics, including the TV, computer, and lamps. This will help save energy and prevent accidents (like a power outage).

If you have any appliances that use timers, unplug them. Otherwise, they may continue to run while away, and you could come home to a surprise bill.

Have Someone Check on Your Apartment While You’re Out!

Even if you take care of everything before you go, it’s always nice to know someone is checking on things while you’re away. This way, if anything does happen, they can take care of it for you.

They can also bring in your mail and any packages delivered while you’re gone. And if you have plants, they can water them for you.

Make Sure Your Insurance is up to Date

Before you go on vacation, make sure your insurance is updated. This includes your renter’s insurance and any other issue (health insurance, international health coverage, or car insurance). This way, you’ll be covered in case of any accidents or emergencies while you’re away.

Put a Hold on Your Mail and Newspaper Delivery, or Have a Friend or Neighbor Collect it for you

You don’t want your mail and newspapers piling up while you’re gone. So put a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery, or have a friend or neighbor collect it. This way, you won’t have to worry about your mail and newspapers piling up in – or even in front of – your mailbox.

If you want to enjoy your time away, we suggest you prepare for coming back. You might be tired from traveling when you get back from your trip, so put a little preparation into making your return easier. Have some food in your pantry that doesn’t spoil and is easy to prepare, like pasta and tomato sauce or rice and beans. This might be easier than going to the grocery store and cheaper than eating out the first day you return from vacation. If you’re going back to work the day after your trip, you can also pack your office bag to have it ready – one less thing to think about when you get up the following day. 

Now you can enjoy your vacation knowing that all is well at home. Have a fun and safe summer vacation!!

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